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Email us any stories about finding love or friendship on
We are looking forward to any love stories regarding any of our members here at Please feel free to email us with any stories and pictures you would like us to post.

09/02/2013 - Hello and thank you so much
Mikka and Me - A FILdate Love Story My name is Frank (langyaw) and im happily married to my lovely wife Jocelyn (Jocelynadao21576).   We meet here in fildate August 2010 and first time we meet was february 2011. We had a wonderfull time together. When i was home again i made a packet some month later and send the engagement rings as a surprice and made the proposal via webcam chat. April 2012 i went down to the Philippines again and we got married. I was sad again when i dah to leave without my wife who was waiting for here visa. 4 months later Jocelyn finally arrived here and we are falling more and more in love every day together.

Thank you so much fildate for giving us the chance to find us. It was as god pretended us to find eachother and become a couple after the hard times we had before.

Frank and Jocelyn

09/24/2011 - Success
Mikka and Me - A FILdate Love Story My name is Steve, I live in New Zealand and am 42 years old. I am now Married to Mikka who is a Filipino, she is 26 from Manila and the love of my life.

I met Mikka about a year ago on this site. After chatting for a few months (mainly by email as Skype was a little awkward to start, even though her English was very good) I went to the Philippines to meet her for 2 weeks. We got on well and most of my fears and trepidation was put to rest. I wanted to make sure she was genuine so traveling to the Philippines was the only way. I met with her family and Mikka and I went for a short holiday in Boracay and did some sight seeing, the Philippines is awesome :)

We applied for a limited Holiday visa to New Zealand (the visa was for 3 months). I paid for the flights and was totally financially responsible for her while she was staying with me but then again she left her job in order to come and stay with me.

During this time we had our arguments, our share of miscommunications and cultural differences but we were certainly falling in love. I asked Mikka to marry me near the end of the 3 months, I had totally fallen for her and it was clear to us both that we got on very well. We got married and I went back to the Philippines for 6 weeks with her. We also had a honeymoon in Hong Kong (Photo included) before I headed back until her visa is approved.

There are some genuine women looking for a genuine men but its the same all over the world, you have to use your common sense and work it out for yourself.

Thanks to you Fildate I am a very happy man, please keep up your great service

5/1/2008 - Hello, thank you so much.
Geno and Annabelle - A FILdate Love Story I do believe that thru this I could meet good friends from other countries, thus, I am able to promote peace and goodwill. As an added bonus, I have found thru here the man of my life whom i would share and dedicate my life here on earth and thru eternity. God guided me to be on this website to find him.

Thank you so much. God bless and more power to Fildate.

- Member: nimfaespartinez
6/5/2007 - Ellen and Me
Ellen and Me - A FILdate Love Story I was planning on visiting the philippines when I joined fildate. Soon after joining, I meet Ellen, who now is the love of my life and I couldn't imagine my world without her in it.

I remember when we first started talking properly she was teaching me tagalog and I was trying to teach her English, which she of course new very well...just kidding Ellen ;) haha. Eventually we planned to meet whilst I was there in the Philippines.

I had just arrived in the Philippines then to Cebu where Ellen is from. When I got off the plane in Cebu and saw Ellen standing no more than 25 yards away from me, and across the road. My heart just dropped. She was beautiful and she was just as beautiful on the inside as well. From that moment on, when I crossed the road and put her hands in mine I knew it was definite that she was the perfect one for me.

Thank you fildate, through your site we had the opportunity meet. We have many plans and Hope we can see each other again VERY soon as we miss each other so much.

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