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FILdate Radio Commercial - Cebu's Monster 105.9 has a radio AD on Cebu's Monster 105.9 told by Joe Phoenix. Just a little news update for those who want to know what's going on.

If any members want to hear it, here is a link FILdate Ad on Monster 105.9

Special thanks to Cebu Job Finder and Support Save Solutions

- Admin
I hope everyone takes advantage of our FREE UNLIMITED video chat rooms. We here at hope you find that special friend or love.

If you do find that special someone please email us your story and pictures so we may post it for our other members to read on our stories page.

Also remember not to give out personal information or email addresses to people you don't know. This can lead to you getting spammed or worse. We have a messaging system free take advantage of that till you really get to know someone.

Take care members,

- Administrator 
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