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Filipina Dating site!
1. Please be respectful to all other FILdate members. If one member is bothering you please take advantage of our ignore feature for our message area and IM/Video chat area.

2. You will not advertise other sites or businesses, attempt to scam or defraud members, send spam, or anything related to advertising to our members or publish such information anywhere on the site. You will not attempt to obtain personal contact information, financial information, etc. from members you do not know, or against their wishes. Violating any of these will lead to a permanent ban of your membership and IP(s).

3. Absolutely no nudity on webcams or purely sexual profiles. If you are caught doing sex cam shows on FILdate your profile will be deleted without warning!

4. If you put down you live in the Philippines and your IP doesn't match your location you will be deleted without warning!

5. If you solicit a competing website or put your email address in your profile you will be deleted without warning!

6. If you are posting celebrity pictures your profile will be deleted without warning!

7. If you are posting a profile just looking for sex your profile will be deleted without warning!

8. Be HONEST! If you are a male posing as a girl on FILdate your profile will be deleted without warning!

We have a Transgendered category if your a cross dresser or live your life as a female, the administator can change your gender if need be just email with your request.

Gays, transgendered and lesbians are all welcome here at If members have a problem with this they need to go to a different site as this site was built for everyone to enjoy.

9. Please report all fake profiles here Please write the reason and the member's username, we will investigate as we need help from our wonderful members to get rid of these fake profiles. This means reporting fake celebrity pictures, males who pose as females and girls who ask for money for doing sexual shows on cam.

10. Please read our disclaimer for any extra information.

VERY useful hints for male foreigners : Is she scamming me? How do I know?

Report a scammer: ( please put in the subject line: REPORT A FAKE PROFILE )

By popular demand these are tips to help you not get scammed by possible fake female profiles. I have listed the cost of some things in the Philippines so you don't get scammed or ripped off. I understand if you fall in love with someone or care for another member you might want to send them gifts or even money. Some scammers ask for things that just don't make sense so here is a breakdown.
  • Average salary in the Philippines is about 3,000 - 6,000 Pesos per month (about $50-$120 USD)

  • Cost to chat for 1 hour in an Internet cafe about 15-20 Pesos (about $0.25-0.45 USD)

  • Cost to chat for 1 hour in an Internet cafe with webcam about 15-25 Pesos (about $0.25-0.50 USD)

  • Transportation: Jeepney 6-18 pesos (about $0.12-0.40 USD) | Taxi 35-75+ pesos (about $0.70-1.80 USD) Remember distance plays the big part in price here.

  • An average meal 50-70 pesos (about $1-$2 USD)

  • A brand new computer 20,000 pesos (about $400 USD)

  • An Internet connection per month: 1,000 - wireless / 3,000 - DSL (about $20/$60 USD)

  • Cellphone ranges from 3,000 pesos up to 15,000+ Pesos (about $60-$300+ USD) . Used cellphones start at 1,200 pesos (about $30+ USD)

  • It is free for someone in the Philippines to receive txt messages and phone calls. It only costs money for someone living in the Philippines to txt you or call you as they only use pay as you call/txt pre-paid phone cards.
Common red flags for guys..basicly stay away from women who ask for these things on first conversation.
  • It's my birthday (today/tomorrow/next week) and I have no money to pay for it.

  • I have no money for my sick relative who needs surgery/medicine and is in the hospital.

  • I have no money to graduate college.

  • I don't have enough money to chat I need a computer.

  • Always ask to see the other person's webcam or ask next time you chat to have one. This really helps in knowing if the person in the picture is really who they are plus its a much better chatting experience to see a person's smile :) . If you do ask to see their webcam make sure you have a webcam as well... fair is fair ;)

  • I have a visa I just need money for the plane ticket - NEVER EVER send money for a plane ticket. If this person has a visa to your country that means she has been invited by a company or someone depending on the visa type. If the person/company sponsoring them didn't give them money for the plane flight they DON'T HAVE A VISA...don't send money. My advise is you must go meet the person in person and you fly, you can't bring someone over to your country without ever meeting them
This is a low percentage of girls who do these things and it's ok to send money or gifts if you have feelings for one another above are just warnings. There are so many good girls on FILdate who wouldn't do any of the above things and I am sorry I have to post the above items but I want to protect our male members and I hope everyone knows the above only reflects a small percentage of people who aren't here looking for love or friendship.

Don't be offended girls as this means the good men here wont fall for scams and you will have access to meet more good serious men here.

Investigations and Profiling for any Foreigners who want to make sure of the person they have meet:
Website: CROSS-CHECK-P.I., Inc. Research and Consulting

True Love or a Scam? College Graduate or Not? Know Who You Are Dealing With. We Will Help You! Professionally, Confidentially, Accurately! Guaranteed. We Cover All of the Philippines.

Helpful hints if your looking to possibly get married if your a foreigner

I only have two things right now that I get asked alot:
  • Is can I bring the Filipino man or woman to my country to get married?
    You MUST meet the Filipino in person before you can apply for a fiancee visa (K-1 USA)or you must first get married in the Philippines then apply to bring them to your country. Applying to get the one you love a tourist visa is next to impossible - See Question 2 below.

  • Can't I get her/him a visa to just come meet me in my country?
    It's almost impossible for a Filipino / Filipina from the Philippines to get a visa to come meet you without a company sponsoring them or a family member applying to get them a visa ... only other way requires the Filipino / Filipina to have a substantial amount of money in the bank.
For more information on Fiance Visas from the USA and other countries:
This is NOT a mail order bride site. If you happen to find true love and get married more power to you. We will help with any information you might need as we are extremely happy you have found your soulmate here :)
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